© 2018 by Timo Scharnowski. Photography by Cephas Azariah.


Songwriting has been a key creative outlet for Timo for several years. His influences range from a variety of artists and genres, to inspiration even from the sound of a shutting door or a Northern Line train arriving - all of these end up in music that seeks to be dynamic and organic.

‘Words’ is the first (actual) song I ever wrote and while it was inspired by simple language barriers in everyday life, it also kind of sums up for me a constant characteristic and struggle in songwriting: How can a mere chain of words possibly match the magnitude and transcendence of music? It seems impossible. And yet whatever lyrics we choose, however fragile, can come alive like only music can, a sort of word-made-flesh, sonic incarnation which we are able to effect.     

'Music is sound in order. A sonic purpose. Sound waves filtered through melody, harmony and rhythm. To me, music is, amongst many other things, a vehicle, a key, a teacher, an old friend, a drug and ultimately a sacrament.'